Software for electronics retail and trends for 2 sectors in 2019

Next year, there will be a transition from conventional POS equipment to cloud software. Cloud POS system is a system that uses the infrastructure of the Internet to access data stored on remote servers. Simply put, all the data that the retail store stores in the billing system are backed up in the cloud, which can be obtained from any place. Synchronization occurs automatically, which simplifies the updating of information and its protection. The benefits of a cloud solution are huge:

  • Better security

  • Centralized storage

  • Efficient use of memory

  • Fast processing

Although there is no industry that could not benefit from the use of cloud software, the focus will be on bakeries and salons. We will start by finding out the characteristics of each cafe or bakery that can be deployed to improve performance.

Bakery POS – an application that every cafe owner needs

The billing system, which speeds up transactions and maintains a centralized accounting of all sales, is central to all retail stores. When it comes to professional bakeries, software management should also be able to track all the special ingredients that are blended to make soft, buttery cakes and pastries. The integral elements of the POS cloud pastry shop are:

  • Order Management – In addition to a whole catalog of cakes, pastries and pies, flourishing bakeries for ordering. Custom-made cakes can have a variety of designs, messages, fillings and ingredients. This means that the bakery owner must write down every custom order to avoid mistakes. Bakery software eliminates the need to manually process each order. The system can record each request and manage it. Some features that can be used with the application:
  1. Create an order with information about ingredients, design and message. This reduces the risk of errors.

  2. Partial track or half payment

  • Faster sales – Server management software provides transaction mobility. Customers are not limited to a cash register to pay for their orders. Portable devices like smartphones and tablets can be used on POS bakery floor during high traffic to speed up the process.

Suppose a customer wants to have one light that is displayed in one corner of the pastry shop. Terminal billing is in a different corner and has a long line. Cloud billing software can be used on a tablet for processing where the customer is located. You can even use the opportunity to recommend more things to the boss, which is demonstrated nearby.

Vital is the only word to describe the need retail management software in bakeries. Bakeries need accurate information about which products are sold most often, on which days and at what time, since most products deteriorate very quickly. One cake or cake that needs to be thrown every day can lead to large financial losses during the year. Cloud POS can be used to check, even at 3 am, to find out what product needs to be transferred to the next day in order to save this loss.

Salon party organizing software

The next part of the article discusses another popular sector – salons. A beauty salon can turn your daily operations into more effective partners using the POS software salon. Some areas in which the system can help:

  • Times that require more employee presence

  • Times when fewer hands can handle customers

  • Free slots that can be filled

Several features of billing systems salon, which have a positive impact on your business:

  1. Alerts for customers: Cabin systems allow you to integrate devices that can send email or SMS messages to owners to remind them of appointments. This characteristic ensures that the number of absences decreases, and, consequently, the business incurs small losses. In addition, when customers receive notification of the exact time they need to attend, they spend less time as people become more punctual.
  2. Better communication and relationships – Appointment schedule – the biggest advantage of POS Software in Salon. The system can be suitable for a pencil in any number of clients without a single error. It has the ability to track hundreds of visitors. This ensures that cases such as missed meetings or recurring meetings do not occur. Improved customer-staff communication provides a more professional image and also makes the spa extremely productive


There are two trainings that can be taken away. First, bakeries have to try buyers with fresh products to keep up with competitors. Therefore, installing a bakery management tool is essential. Can be used for data collection and waste control analysis. Secondly, spas require convenient technology, in which there is no room for mistakes. Thus, POS-systems become an integral part of long-term communication with customers.

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